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greener, less expensive & more nutritious +++ greener, less expensive & more nutritious

Our mission

ValueGrain developed a patentable B2B food technology to process brewer’s spent grain—a beer industry byproduct—into a liquid flour that is greener, less expensive, and more nutritious than the status quo.


for Circular Economy

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Our solution

Our technical setup collects brewer’s spent grain at breweries and processes it into a liquid flour. This refined resource will then be brought directly to food producers, where it can substitute up to 35% of wheat and other conventional flours in products like bread, pasta, pizza, cookies, and co.

Our liquid flour can also be used as a main resource in meat alternatives, especially when focusing on a clean label and regional sourcing approach.

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Our aim

• Reducing industrial food waste through upcycling
• Implementing a disruptive circular solution
• Providing a new commodity with nutritious

benefits for mainstream products (pizza, pasta, burger, buns etc.)

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